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We started at the Garden of Gethsemane.  Next was Jesus on trial with Pilate and crowd.  The cross with Jesus.  Final scene was the Angel telling Mary to go tell the disciples He has Risen!  We also had the Easter Bunny there handing out bags of candy and taking pictures. 

Annual Church Picnic on Sunday, September 1st.  We had a blast and ate ALOT.  But, the best part of the night was seeing 2 people be baptized in the river.  God is Great!

VBS 2019 was WILD!  We had an amazing 5 days of exploring the wild and learning about Jesus.  We averaged over 100 every night and were so blessed to have so many children want to be a part of our VBS. 

Easter egg hunt @ 10am. Location has been changed to church.
There will be a picnic lunch provided after the egg hunt
Come join us for a fun filled morning!

HERO NIGHT March 20, 2019

Our 2nd Annual Hero night was AWESOME!  We had a wonderful turnout of firefighters, policemen, and a farmer.  The kids enjoyed learning about the equipment. Inside they went  thru the “Hero Academy”  and learned about biblical characters that are heroes.   Lots of fun in the “Superhero Cafe” as they met Jesus and heard the story about feeding the 5,000.

They all learned that Jesus is the Ultimate Superhero!!


200th Anniversary 10/21/2018

Children's Department at the Louisville Zoo 10/11/2018