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Meet Our Team

Our Ministry Team

Pastor:  Aaron Hackworth

Aaron Hackworth is the new pastor at Perryville Baptist church.   He and his wife Tammy have four children:  Caleb, Samuel, Natalie, and Elaina.

Aaron has been in ministry since he was 15.  He is a 5th generation pastor.  His work in the Kentucky Baptist Convention brought him to Perryville Baptist as a “fill in” pastor for a couple of weeks.  He and his wife, Tammy, fell in love with the congregation and the congregation fell in love with Aaron and his family.  “God brought us together and we cannot wait to see what HE does here at PBC.”

Secretary & Worship Leader: Jayne Pitman

Jayne Pitman has been a member of Perryville Baptist Church for  45 years.  In January 2016 she accepted the Worship Leader position and later that year became the church secretary.

Jayne is married to Terry, and she has one son Brandon (Kaylee) along with four beautiful grandchildren: Kaydon, Braylee, Baylee and Kub.

“Be still, and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10) is my favorite verse.

Children’s Ministry: Mollie Lanham

Mollie Lanham is the dynamic Children’s Director at Perryville Baptist Church.  She has been a member of PBC for over 30 years.  Mollie is married to Owen, and they have five children; Nikki, Trent, Chase, Lane, and Lola.  Mollie also has one grandson:  Grady.

“So I say to you, Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you” (Luke 11:9).  This is Mollie’s favorite verse.

Youth Minister:  Tammy Hackworth

Tammy is the new youth minister at Perryville Baptist.  Her and her husband, Bro. Aaron, have been amazing to work with on every project in the church.  They have four beautiful children:  Caleb, Sam, Natalie, and Elaina.

Deacon: Pete Coyle

Pete has been a member of Perryville Baptist Church for over 40 years.  He has been the Youth Leader and served as deacon several times.  He and his wife Sherry have three grown children and two grandchildren and two great granddaughters.

Deacon:  Wes Pruitt

Wes and his wife Toni have been members of Perryville Baptist Church for many years.  They have two children, Mollie Lanham (Owen Lanham) and Ben Pruitt (Tori Pruitt), 7 grandchildren:  Nikki (Josh) Pennington, Trent Lanham, Chase Lanham, Lane Lanham, Lola Lanham, Ellie Pruitt, Carter Pruitt; and one great-grandchild:  Grady Blake Pennington.

Deacon: Chris Satterly

Chris and his wife Jodi became members of Perryville Baptist in 2013.  They have three adult children:  Austin, Tori, and  Noah.  They have one grandchild.

Deacon:  Trey Coyle

Trey has been a member of Perryville Baptist Church 40 years.  He and his wife Pam have one son Corey.  They have 2 grandchildren:  Arleigh and Millicent.

Trey teaches the Open Hearts Sunday School class and is on the finance committee.  He also sings in the choir and praise team.

Deacon: Jamie Reynolds

Jamie has been a member of Perryville Baptist since 2015.  He is married to Jamie Lynn and they have 4 children:  Devin, Chase, Sierra, and Zane.

Jamie is a van driver for the church and helps with church maintenance.

Deacon: Derek Benge

Derek has been a member of Perryville Baptist since 2005.  He and his wife Missy have 4 children:  Shelby, Clay, Taylor, and Charlie.  They have a grandson Zander.

Derek teaches the Young and Restless Sunday School class.  His wife Missy teaches in the children’s department on Sunday and Wednesday.  She is also on the Mission team and helps with the Community Food Bank.

Deacon: Owen Lanham

Owen has been a member of Perryville Baptist Church since 2011.  He is married to Mollie, PBC Children’s Director, and has 5 children:  Nikki (Josh), Trent, Chase, Lane, and Lola.  Owen also has one grandson, Grady.

Owen is also a trustee, van driver and sings in the adult choir.