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On May 30, 1818, in the home of Dr. John Pearson, in the town of Perryville, Boyle County (then Mercer County until 1842) Kentucky, the Perryville Baptist Church was organized.  There were a total of twenty-four members, all of whom had letters from the Old Salt river Church.  These members agreed to embody themselves as a church known by the name of the Perryville Baptist Church.  The Constitution that they entered into this 30th day of May was based on the first article which read as follows: “We believe the Old ad New Testament are inspired word of Fod and the only rule of Faith and Practice.”

As the church had no regular meeting place, the first business meeting was held on June 5, 1818, in the cottage of Dr. Pearson.  The next meetings were held in a grove near Perryville.  In September of 1818, they met at the Methodist Brothers Camp and continued to meet there for some time.  In the early part of 1822, they started having services in the Union Meeting House.

The South District Association met with the Perryville Baptist Church for the first time in 1829.

The church organized a Sunday School in November, 1872, with teachers in the following departments: Bible Class, Intermediate girls, Intermediate boys, and Primary children.

In April, 1873, the church resolved by the help of God to build a meeting house.  After the money was spent the church had to borrow $500 to put a roof on the building.  The church was dedicated i the fall of 1877.  On September 7, 1880, the church voted to purchase 24 songbooks.  Later a decision was made to purchase an organ and and Delia Latimer was chosen as the church’s first organist.

In 1915, the church voted to build Sunday School rooms.  On April 8, 1916, the church voted to have the church wired for electric lights.  The Sunday School rooms were dedicate don the fourth Sunday in August, 1916.

Brother Roy Gabbard shepherded the flock from 1927 -1930.  The baptismal scene is a painting of Bro. Gabbard’s, who did this work of art, when the sanctuary was remodeled in the early sixties. 

The years between 1939-1956 showed much interest in evangelism, Sunday School, and international missions. Rev. Ellis Ham cam in 1950 and the three-story building behind the sanctuary was built at a cost of $60,000.  The outside of the older church building was tuck pointed.  A men’s brotherhood was organized in 1952.

I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart, And will glorify Your name forever.

Psalm 86:12